California Drought – A Glimpse Into Better Understanding the Drought

For the last three years, California has been battling incredibly low rainfalls and the perils it brings. This season has brought an all time record to the state of emergency, bringing about the worst drought California has ever seen. In 2013, California experienced its driest year on record throughout nearly the entire state. More than half of the state is now in an extreme drought. To make matters worse, the Sierra Nevada snowpack is only producing 10 to 30 percent of its average water run off. “We’re heading into what is near the lowest three year period in the instrumental record,” stated Roger Bales, a hydrologist from the University of California.


Some facts about the droughts in California:

  • It is closing in unprecedented conditions in some areas such as San Francisco, which only received 2.12 inches of water (half of what was recorded in 1851).
  • California farmers typically produce 15% of national food sales and 7.1% in livestock, but with no end in sight, these numbers are sure to plummet.
  • Pollen levels are reaching all time highs due to the drought.
  • With drought, will come heat. Be sure to take extra precautions to ensure you and your loved ones are prepared for the soaring temperatures.
  • You can help contribute to your environment by monitoring and reserving your water usage consumption

Contra Costa County has implemented water restrictions in an effort to decrease water usage by 20%. Under these restrictions, residents are not to:

  • Conduct outside irrigation between 9am and 5pm
  • Utilize outside water that would result in excess runoff to gutters or drains
  • Wash a vehicle without a shut off nozzle/valve
  • Wash any paved or hard surfaces
  • Fill any ponds or lakes
  • Use a non-recirculating decorative fountain




Despite the mandatory restrictions, water usage is reportedly down a mere 5%. Under statewide rules large fines, in upwards of $500 for individuals and $10,000 for businesses, can be imposed to those not adhering to the restrictions in effect.

Another way to preserve the environment is to ensure that your heating and cooling units are running efficiently. Did you know that an HVAC system could be responsible for 40-5-% of your homes electricity consumption?

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